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"As a Regional Performance Manager, I have been dealing with Clameg since I took over their area in December 2017. Over this period, Clameg have always been a pleasure to deal with, and I have always found that all members of their administration and technical staff provide us with an excellent and efficient service. In my role as Regional Performance Manager, I have had the opportunity to audit numerous Clameg jobs, both whilst work has been in progress and after completion, and I can testify that, in my experience, their trades have always performed very well on site; are always polite; safety conscious; keep their work areas in an orderly and clean fashion, and are capable of producing an excellent standard of work. Having gained a good knowledge of the performance of Clameg over a considerable period, I would have no hesitation in recommending Clameg for your building project."

      | Regional Performance Manager - Insurance Sector, UK |


"I needed an accomplished team of various skilled tradesmen for the complete refurbishment of an old building and this is exactly what I got from Clameg. The project consisted of knocking rooms together to make self- contained flats on 4 floor levels. As is typical with older buildings, unexpected situations occasionally cropped up however, I was kept informed at all times of any additional work required and the costings. They also arranged and managed additional services from other sources i.e. scaffolding, waste disposal skips and having a sump and 2 pumps installed in the basement. At any given time I had a point of contact with Steve McDonnell who became my ‘main man’, always happy to address any queries if they arose between my weekly visits to the site. From the start Clameg had a clear understanding of what I wanted to achieve and I am delighted with the results. The Clameg tradesmen work diligently and are very conscientious regarding their standard of work, which is apparent in the results they have achieved for me.  All the guys are polite and I look forward to my weekly progress inspections with what I now regard my ‘Dream Team’"

      | Miss W - Southsea, Portsmouth, UK |


"There were so many times last year when  never thought this time would come...the completed renovation of my house. But you are there, ahead of schedule despite some setbacks...none of which were your fault. Since December 2018 I have been on the receiving end of shoddy, tardy service from the police, insurers and loss adjusters. But all that changed once Clameg and you were appointed. The first time I met you in my very sorry house you said to me that you would give me my house back...and you have. I was doubtful that I would get my house back but how wrong was I? I got it back with stars on  It has been so reassuring to receive frequent phone calls and photos regarding the progress of the work. I stayed away at the start of the project because I didn't want to be a nuisance but also, very clearly to me, you were in complete control of the project and I trust you implicitly. You are one organised guy You know exactly what's happening with regards to ongoing work and what can be done in sometimes tight timeframes. Your workforce are an amazing bunch of guys. Extreemly approachable, helpful and considerate.  Given the cause of the fire and the angst I've been coping with it has been comforting to have their support. The house looks so amazing. I really don't want to rent it out. The finish of every piece of work is spot on. I couldn't find a fault even if I wanted to. You have dealt with all problems professionally and consideratlely. It can't be easy being the one in the middle trying to please everyone, especially in the tight knit space that is The Hartings. I have been singing your praises to everyone and should any prospective clients need some advice/encouragement don't hesitate to use me as a very satisfied customer."

      | Miss Smith - Bognor Regis, UK |

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